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How to Slice Poker Chips 2019 | Las Vegas Casino Tutorial | CEG Dealer University

How to Slice Poker Chips 2019 | Las Vegas Casino Tutorial | CEG Dealer University

Here’s the most efficient and suitable way to cut poker chips. Love!

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  1. Can you make a video how to pluck chips???

  2. Woww to be honest never come and try deal at the Montreal casino. We are known as having an intense formation as dealer and Woww. ‘’ drop cut ‘’ are a must if you want to have a good control and NEVER lift chips when you cut them soo much mistakes made that way. Lifting a finger while cutting is not suppose to be … your suppose to have all fingers on the chips and stick to the chips. And paying first position with right hand PLEASE NO !!!!!

  3. the card room casinos near me have 1, 5 , 20, and 100 chips

  4. so they are not short 499 dealers or 501 dealers but exactly 500 dealers 🙂

  5. U dont even know how to cut chips lol. You lift up the first one and swipe the rest. This is absolutely wrong way of showing cutting chips. Watch some european pro dealers to learn before u post such a video.

  6. NEVER 'lift off', always cut the chips. If the trainee cuts for 5 and gets 4chips, then hold them and re-cut for 5. Never correct by adding or taking off, the trainer will never learn to feel for 20 or cut chips properly.
    My biggest issue with US dealers is that they lack some of these basic techniques. With each hand, the dealer should be able to drop cut for 5, then 4, then 3 all without touching the felt.

  7. I just started dealer school yesterday and realized I was terrible at cutting cheques. I've always been decent at shuffling cards but I've never really considered the chips at all. I was very disheartened yesterday when I realized I was bad at chutting cheques. Thanks for the video

  8. The sands in Bethlehem they say never cross your hands

  9. If you are professionals, and cutting 'chips', then why aren't you at a Roulette table?? I only see cheques.

  10. Power!

  11. This is right on time… see you guys soon

  12. Thanks for watching! Leave us some feedback and thinking about becoming a dealer? HIT US UP! — Alex


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