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How to Bluff In Poker – Poker Bluffing Approach |

How to Bluff in Poker – A brief manual to assist you understand why bluffing in Texas Hold’Em poker aids you gain additional pots and confuse your opponents.



  1. The thing with a lot of players learning to bluff is that they try and bluff too often and their bluffs often don't make much sense.  If the river card in this video was, for example, the Deuce (2) of Spades, it would be most often incorrect to bluff.  The strongest holding in that spot would bet a set (3 of a kind with two of the cards being your hole cards).  Too often I see new players shoving all in as a bluff in my example and they get called by a pair of Jacks since what they've done is so easy to spot by the trained eye.

    What to take from what I just said?  Carefully analyze your spots when to bluff, make sure it's believable (like it is in this video), and don't do it so often that your opponents no longer believe your bluffs.  Most of your betting should be value betting in poker with the right amount of bluffing to keep your opponents guessing and paying you off when you hit your big hands 😀

  2. great job…

  3. I'm too not that good at bluffing so thanks for showing me.

  4. I'm not so good at bluffing myself so it's nice to have a good strategy shown to you.  Thanks for the tutorial!


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