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three-WAY ALL IN WITH POCKET 88?! | One particular Major POKER HAND EP two

Hey! Welcome to the 2nd episode of One particular Major POKER HAND. I produced this channel to share some hands i’ve performed alongside with developing a neighborhood of folks who want to get greater and explore poker hands.

In this episode, we vacation to Agua Caliente On line casino in Rancho Mirage California and get into a huge all in hand with pocket 88 in a $1/three dollars activity! Take pleasure in!

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  1. If you like this mini-series of ONE BIG POKER HAND, hit the LIKE BUTTON so I know to make more!

  2. Love the vlog. If you looked into a separate mic for the camera, I think it would improve the quality of you videos.

  3. good vids so far! Coming from an avid poker player, I would say the thing that separates if im gonna watch or not, is more live footage. Just a tip, but what do I know? lol.

  4. Great video and analysis! I like the flop check, and I agree that you should probably size up on the turn. $90 still seems small, as the 10 of spades brings in several straight draws and the flush draw. Perhaps 2/3 pot –> around $115 would be sufficient and could probably get one player to call especially since people at 1/3 tend to be really sticky. Cheers!

  5. Good job kid, good job 👍👏😎

  6. That smile “one big hand” we will be focusing on one big hand


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