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Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 201: Reviewing a enjoyment hand

In this episode of Weekly Poker Hand, Jonathan Tiny discusses no matter whether or not 9-9 need to hero get in touch with on the river when struggling with a rather smaller bet.

In this episode, Jonathan details out a handful of glitches that smaller stakes gamers make on a steady foundation. Do you discover your self building these glitches?

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  1. To all of you GTO bots. Look at this example of combining a reasonable amount of game theory with strong exploitation. This is the formula for winning. This game is nowhere near pure black and white.

  2. These vids are better than the others very cool

  3. Great 201st episode. I like this format! Thanks for always sharing such great information!

  4. Hey Jonathan. You doing great staff and I think you are the most underrated pro 🙂 Your Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Holdem book is just a masterpiece.

  5. Loving the new format! Thanks for reviewing a “typical” and decently played hand rather than something wild and clickbaity. There’s more to learn here.

  6. Really like the new format! Enjoy the analysis and interpretation of actions by players like the casual river bet. Run good, run deep!

  7. Please return to old format. Analyzis for hands of someone else is full youtube. I love how you show your understanding of the game and as you play. Reviewing of what you think other people think has much less value for me.

  8. Unlike the last hand this seem like pretty solid lines and decisions from all players at the table. The way, I look at this river spot with 99, is pretty ABC as well. Yeah sure there is missed sixty-five and missed spades.
    But we cant beat a J, we cant beat a Q, we cant beat backdoor diamonds, and we cant even beat a 3, if he somehow has it. So there is a lot of stuff, he can completely reasonably have, which beat us, and not that many bluffs.
    Easy fold.

  9. Thanks for this new format. Really enjoyed the previous but this is just way better for folks like me. Super thumbs up!

  10. Loving the new format! I'm finding the way you talk through each position and what they should/shouldn't do very educational.


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