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Bluff Catching at 2/5 NLHE dwell hard cash recreation! $2/$5 Holdem, Detroit Poker Vlog #44!

Bluff catching. 2/5 NLHE hand examination, from your Detroit region poker vlogger! Two HH analyzed in this poker vlog epsiode #44!

We can all discover a little something from speaking about poker fingers, and analyzing them. Probably it can aid some of you discover to perform poker, and aid you to uncover how to acquire at poker!

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  1. Hey Sir I love your vlogs Just curious why when somebody raises and then you call and then it goes down to the river when it’s on them to show their hand first why you always flip yours over before they show their’s….just seems like you’re leaving some information on the table just my opinion.

  2. in Hand #2 – sometimes they move to your left, not so much to GET position, but to DENY you position.
    I have moved to the left of better players to make it harder for them to "pick on me".

  3. Your KISS wig is awesome. But, what are you going to do when it's a lady staring you down? LOL

  4. Your opponents are too funny. I wish you could sneak some pics of your tables. I know that probably is not cool without permission so…. Your costumed interpretations will suffice. Thank B.

  5. 2nd hand. Same setup but mystery (new) opponent. Instead of river check, he overbet jams. What do you do?

  6. Enjoy the content my man. Did you ever consider on that pocket sevens hand, placing a small bet on the river to induce? Say $40? Against some out of position I fine you can get your opponents to spaz out in those spots. Just a suggestion.

  7. Cool Fro Bro is back. He may need his image on a Detroit Poker Tshirt. LOL…

  8. We need more drumming in these vlogs man.

  9. I like your read on people… I can use more of that myself.

  10. Perfect shirt choice for the Villain! I always get nervous raising with middle pairs from early position. I always like to just come in and come along and evaluate later streets. I think I'm missing a bunch by doing that.

  11. Awesome hair! Your video get more and more fun! Love it, keep it up, bro!

  12. I like to wink at people who stare at me. Sometimes I wave at them like a kid. It’s throws them off.

  13. Good job bud!

  14. Villain probably had AX hand 2 but you should've made him show. It's free helpful information for next time. Not bad etiquette since he was last aggressor.

  15. You should do a video talking about the 3 poker rooms in Detroit

  16. I know that gut feeling you speak of,
    When I get that feeling I try to take the pot down there, I see way to many Q,K,A cards in the river that complicate situations that shouldn’t be complicated

  17. Love the dufuss character. Pocket Aces Bitch! VERY funny! (sorry)

  18. Great video and thanks – your videos and insights have helped me improve my playing in low stakes games (1/3) and am now feeling more comfortable playing 2/5.

  19. Why are you wearing a hat with that head of hair?

  20. Always a great learning experience with inspiration! I know I definitely need more experience.


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