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Lexy Gavin Turns two-Pair in a $10/$twenty five Cash Match on Poker Night time in The united states!

Weekly Poker Hand 275: Lexy Gavin Turns two-Pair in a $10/$twenty five Cash Match on Poker Night time in The united states! If you master to participate in these spots properly, you will substantially maximize your acquire-price!

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  1. Don't like this flop analysis. It's always worthwhile trying to fold out the player behind you when you're piggy-in-the-middle. And you're hardly crushing hands like AJ – they have six outs to improve against you and you're giving them a free draw if you check.

  2. I love that your assessments are always so honest and thorough. Thanks 👍🏾

  3. I'm sorry but this hand was played poorly by all 3 players, pre and post flop. I'd be interested in hearing Lexy's thoughts on it because in a vacuum, assuming competent players are involved, this is just bad. If that assumption is incorrect and the game was super-soft, maybe I could get behind flatting Q9s IP but its a stretch. Also, if the game was soft enough to warrant that play, then there isn't much point in analyzing it from a technical viewpoint – it would be purely exploitative. I've played a ton of deep stacked 10/20 and flatting Q9s to a 5BB open is going to result in getting lit up like the 4th of July more often than not. Mostly, this looks like a lot of hands that are played when the cameras are rolling. People play much worse than normal when being filmed, for the most part.

  4. But flopping a marginal made hand and overplaying it is also a common and fun outcome.

  5. The purpose of playing suited connectors is to fantasize about a straight flush, then flop some kind of draw, then bet into calling stations that have top pair and a kicker that can't beat the board.

  6. Looking forward to your “Dealing With Downswings” chat coming up. I’ve been in one since the last week of September. A good day for me in the last 5 weeks consists of getting paid moderately for a good value hand once or twice a night and not getting into a cooler for stacks in my opponent’s favor. This is my first downswing since I’ve started playing this summer again after a long hiatus (years). I feel like it is starting to make me play bad and I can’t tell if I’m just running bad, or playing bad, or both. Makes me feel like I just ran good the first three months, witch I know is possible playing 30ish hours a week

  7. she's a little bit better looking than you there jon 😛


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