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The Compact Ball Technique: Is It Any Superior? | SplitSuit Poker

Compact ball poker was popularized by Daniel Negreanu, but is it nonetheless handy in Present day online games? Let us crack down the execs and negatives of this playstyle so you know if you must use, or skip, this system.

Fundamentally, smaller ball is a design that focuses on obtaining associated in low-priced pots preflop, retaining pot measurements smaller with marginal palms, and only building enormous pots with nutted palms. Although on the area it would seem like a fantastic plan to consider to inject simplicity and management in an if not elaborate and chaotic match – there are quite a few issues with utilizing this tactic.

At the conclusion of the working day, smaller ball will reduce your odds of obtaining substantial losing times. Heck, it might even get you in the cash of a few more tournaments. But this is not the way to go if you want to ultimate table tournaments, have some enormous wins, and get closer to a top rated-facet winrate. Superior gamers can way too effortlessly abuse this playstyle, and even in opposition to weaker gamers you leave cash on the table. So feel extensive and tricky in advance of utilizing (or continuing to use) this design!

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  1. love your videos mate!!!

  2. Omg. A new dplitduit video. Ice just been going through your old stuff again in preparation for my bi annual tourney.

  3. In here int lee

  4. The biggest issue is $6 rake in a 50bb cap $1/$2

  5. I love your stuff mate. Clear and quantifiable. I find myself considering paying for poker education, though the only coaches that dont throw my bankroll out of wack are questionable, at best.

    A satellite equivalent to get your stuff would be great! Though I am getting a lot of use from these videos! Keep up the good work! (And beard grooming 🙂 )

    I'll have a look around your site to see if I can afford anything.

  6. Appreciate the quick response and information. That clears up some confusion. I am a winning player and have been for years, but play low stakes. In L.A. I played mainly 3-500 for many years, but have moved into an area where the biggest game going is usually a 1-3 no limit, though they do get 200-2000 NL on the weekends. I feel like my game has stagnated and I want to take it to the next level. I am not a young guy – I am in my late fifties, retired and essentially use poker as a supplemental income. You sell a lot of products – based on the little that I have told you about myself, how would you recommend that I best spend my money with your company?

  7. Good to see you back!

  8. Good Video. I think you're an excellent teacher and seriously thinking about joining you in the Vault.
    I am confused about something. Is this your company? Are you involved with Red Chip poker? If you could give me the smallest amount of background or info, that would be great.

  9. I’m a core pro member. Is the vault included in my membership, which I highly recommend to anyone reading this comments. It’s the best $12.50 a week investment you will ever make.

  10. I don't see how strategy that says you should flat all the time pre and then let everyone else flat also can win. 6 way flops are not conducive to winning. 3 betting with good to playable hands to isolate weaker players seems better.

  11. In my local 1-2 game, everyone plays a small ball strategy like you describe. I've tried to adjust by being aggressive against them, however they all have a huge slowplaying habit. When they miss they fold easily, but when they hit hard I end up doing all of their betting for them. The many small (and heavily raked) pots that I win don't make up for the large pots that I lose when I run into several slowplayed sets per session, which is pretty normal when 8 other people are taking shots at smashing the flop. What am I doing wrong? Should I be giving up the aggression if anybody calls a flop bet?

  12. I could be remembering wrongly (it's been a long time ago now), but I think Dnegs recommended small ball as a strategy for experienced players who had a post-flop edge at the table. Because a small ball player is getting involved in a lot of pots, it requires that you have pretty good hand reading skills to be profitable.
    Essentially, I think this is just a clarification: small ball is a simple strategy, but not necessarily and easy one. All that to say, I agree; this is a decent way to play, but not optimal.

  13. $300 river bet? ive never 300 in my life

  14. Your argument makes sense, but if it's so exploitable how come someone as smart as Negreanu used it so heavily?

  15. I've played charity tournaments where I won because I had a %90 vpip, but against stronger opponents, you are going to want to fold a lot more

    Negreanu folded everything in the PAD cash game where he was the weakest player at the table

  16. It would be lower variance to fold haha

  17. is future of NLH died?
    cause i seen people moved to PLO even 5card plo


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