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Achievements – Grizzled Veteran

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Khalida Vlogs are guides for achievements and pet/mount gathering in Earth of Warcraft

Add-Ons I use – all can be identified on the Curse Client:
_NPCScan (alerts when a exceptional npc spawns)
_NPCScan.Overlay (demonstrates exceptional npc spawn factors/patrol paths)
Ace3 (framework for a multitude of increase-ons)
Ackis Recipe List (tells you how to get recipes for all professions that you you should not have)
Altoholic (has simple data on all your alts in a person window – mail, gold, amount, prof stages, etcetera)
ArcHUD3 (the environmentally friendly/blue parenthesis around your character that demonstrates overall health, your source, solid bar, and the very same for your target)
Archy – Archaeology Assistant (puts arrows on your minimap for digsites, and has a window that demonstrates you all doable races in the space, along with how near you are to finishing several artifacts)
Atlas (simple platform that demonstrates maps of cases – plugins contain: Atlas Arena, Atlas Battlegrounds, Atlas Burning Crusade, Atlas Cataclysm, Atlas Classic WoW, Atlas Dungeon Destinations, Atlas Out of doors Raids, Atlas Scenarios, Atlas Transportation, Atlas Earth Occasions, Atlas Wrath of the Lich King, and AtlasMajorCities Enhanced)
AtlasLoot Enchanced (demonstrates all doable loot from bosses)
Auctioneer (beneficial for enjoying, and getting the most effective promotions on, the AH)
Bagnon (shows all your bags in a person window for your stock, lender, and keyring – also will allow you to glimpse at your lender whilst in other places)
Bartender4 (utilized to modify your action bars – I mix with SpartanUI)
Bejeweled (the activity – beneficial for prolonged dialogue that you can’t skip, or whilst on a flightpoint)
DataStore (base increase-on for evaluating in between alts – plugins contain: DataStore_Achievements, DataStore_Agenda, DataStore_Auctions, DataStore_Figures, DataStore_Containers, DataStore_Crafts, DataStore_Currencies, DataStore_Inventory, DataStore_Mails, DataStore_Pets, DataStore_Quests, DataStore_Reputations, DataStore_Spells, DataStore_Stats, and DataStore_Abilities)
Fatal Boss Mods (demonstrates timers and warnings for bosses in the recent expansion – MoP plugins contain: Fatal Boss Mods – Burning Crusade and Vanilla mods, Fatal Boss Mods – Cataclysm mods, and Fatal Boss Mods – Wrath of the Lich King mods)
DrDamage (calculates your harm/healing based on gear, abilities, and buffs appropriate on the moves on your action bars)
EveryQuest (tracks your quest/every day history and demonstrates which types you have/haven’t accomplished)
Gladius (arena frames)
MikScrollingBattleText (floating textual content for spells, harm taken/dealt, healing accomplished/recieved, goods acquired with full in stock, major letters when minimal on overall health/source)
OmniCC (cooldown counts for all the things)
Overachiever – achievement equipment and tweaks (demonstrates in which in a collection that achievement is, if it is wanted for a meta, and will allow you to research for achievements)
Peggle (the activity – beneficial for prolonged dialogue that you can’t skip, or whilst on a flightpoint)
QuestHubber (puts marks on the map for quests you haven’t accomplished still)
RatingBuster (breaks down product stats for analysis and compares it to your recent piece)
Recount (records harm and healing to review with occasion members)
SpartanUI (the person interface I use – demands Bartender4)
TomTom (moveable coordinate bar)



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