Texas Holdem

No Restrict Holdem Heads Up Poker Instruction | Vlog 30

Hello, my name is Len. I am a retired poker pro and I played poker professionally for about 10 yrs. I discovered $23 in my account and I gave myself the obstacle to operate that bankroll up to $100K by online heads up poker. This is my every day poker vlog.

You should take note that other than a poker obstacle and every day vlog this channel is educational by mother nature as perfectly. You can use these video clips for your very own poker training applications. Take into consideration subscribing if you happen to be serious about stepping up your (heads up) poker video game and start out profitable with poker.

In this poker vlog I am participating in Texas Holdem No Restrict Heads Up.

The web page I am participating in on is BlackChip Poker, a pretty lively web page with plenty of players (U.S. Welcoming):

Songs fashion: large band jazz.



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