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Hitting the JACKPOT at Greektown On line casino!

In this poker vlog I stop by Greektown On line casino in Detroit Michigan. I hop into the 1/two No Limit Texas Hold’em sport and gamble with some drunk locals. Greektown isn’t really as awesome as MGM Detroit or Motor Metropolis On line casino but the motion is terrific. Greektown is the place I played most of my are living poker from age 21 to twenty five. Ahhh the memories. Let us see if we can guide a get in Detroit Michigan

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  1. Do you think that Mike Postle is cheating?

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  3. wasn't Greektown a menu item on Backpage? … (a friend informed me if i remember correctly)

  4. Come on, Boski. High hand bonus doesn’t get calculated into hourly.

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  6. Thanks for the MI video Boski! My little brother and family live in Lansing. We all grew up in NE Indiana. I'm very familiar with MI on the West side and how beautiful it is. I've heard the east side is the same from just above Detroit on up. (no offense meant to Detroit). And yes Postle is certainly cheating. When you cant imagine a player making better decisions if he could see all the hole cards well it's likely that he can see them.

  7. awesome video! The only strategy that made me dough from day 1 and works from anywhere is EZpay100 .c o m

  8. Jeff goes to watch a boxing match and a basketball game broke out.

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  10. can you make a finger nails pmpering tutorial ?

  11. This is gonna trigger the SJWs but nobody goes to games to see male cheerleaders, especially that "body-positive" land whale at 2:40. They are as useful as a leaky faucet. Thank you Jeff for keeping the focus on the beautiful ladies in the short skirts and pompoms. Great vlog as always.

  12. Malice at the Palace! What a night! Detroit fans don’t mess around 👀

  13. Im a huge fan of the vlog bro!! Come to Houston and play some tournaments! Im Fireman Scott and I will show you around!

  14. “You Must Be This Tall To Ride This Ride!!!!,,,or Have Pocket Aces!!,,we Love Pocket Aces,,,,,Welcome To BoskiVille!!!”…😎♥️Zro♠️Fux♦️Gvn♣️

  15. Detroit at night.. bold strategy cotton.. glad you survived did you stop and see Les at hardcore pawn?

  16. Don't think I've ever seen a dish hit 10/10 on the Boski scale. That pizza looked freakin incredible, though.

  17. Get to the Poker already!

  18. wtf is that stuff man ?? come over to Italy , have real pizza and good poker !!!

  19. How exactly does one get banned from Canada? 😂 Also great check back with JJ and fold with QT!

  20. Do you call if he shows you a 10?

  21. Pizza looked so good

  22. Boski beating up the Donk regs in Detroit—-priceless

  23. You pick the exact type of friends that I do!

  24. Nice update from the D. Why was your buddy banned from canada?

  25. Didn’t know you were from Michigan!! Got hype with the intro but I found out a few vlogs ago you grew up in Westland.

  26. Quads video was hilarious… nice job

  27. Jeff did you even watch the Lions game or the ( ○ ) ( ○ ) ? Lol


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