Texas Holdem

Xbox 360 Longplay [031] GUN (Element five of five) (That Excess fat One-Eyed Bastard)

Performed by: Geekmeister

Basic Stats:
Recreation Completion: 18%*
* Aspect Missions: thirteen%
* Poker Event: seventeen%
* Searching: seventeen%
* Bounties Collected:33%
* Ranch Hand: %
* Pony Express: 30%
* Rescue: 14%
* Law Gentleman: %
Missions Finished: 4*
* Hunter (Entire all Searching Aspect Missions)
* Pony Express (Entire all Pony Express Aspect Missions)
* Struggle at The Steamboat
* Bounty Hunter (Entire all bounty Hunter Aspect Missions)
* Poker Champ (Entire All Poker Tournaments)
* Across The Badlands
* Escape the Ambush
* Magruder’s Mine
Achievements unlocked: 11/14*
* THe Greatest Hunter (Find & Entire all of the Searching Aspect Missions 40G)
* Each and every Upgrade Collected (Gather Each and every up grade in the Recreation 40G)
* Skilled Postman (Find an Entire all of the Pony Express Aspect missions 40G)
* Struggle at the Steamboat Entire (Progress through the “Struggle at the Steamboat” amount on any problems 20G)
* Bounty Hunter (Find and Entire all the Bounty Hunter Aspect Missions 40G)
* Card Shark (Acquire the Texas Holdem Event Aspect Mission 40G)
* Across the Badlands Entire (Progress By the “Across the Badlands” Degree on Any Difficulty 25G)
* Escape the Ambush Entire (Progress By the “Escape the Ambush” Degree on any Difficulty 50G)
* Magruder’s Mine Entire (Progress through the “Magruder’s Mine” Degree on any problems 70G)
* Standard Difficulty Entire (Entire the Recreation on the Standard Difficulty 30G)
* Each and every Weapon Collected (Gather Each and every Weapon in the Recreation 40G)
Upgrades: 2/2
Weapons: five/4
Gold: /
Kills 213*
Innocents Killed:
Enemies Killed: 213**
** Headshots: 25
** Weapon Shots: three
** Quickdraw Kills: 39
** Melee Kills: three
** Explosive Kills: sixteen
** Burn Kills:
** Horse Trample:
Horses Misplaced: 2
Horses Killed: seven



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