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Mike Postle cheating on Stones Stay???

Mike Postle has been accused of cheating at Stones Stay Poker by a previous worker, Veronica, aka “Indignant Polak” on twitter.

two+two thread:

In this online video, I’m breaking down a number of alternatively absurd fingers from a combinatoric/strategic angle. Without having a doubt, someone enjoying poker like this for 16 yrs, are not able to be this kind of a financially rewarding player, even when on an upswing. In multiway poker, his game lacks basic knowledge of the game, which you can see in multiple examples. Preflop calibration and players left at the rear of is a detail, so is math. Televised, up to now, Mike has delivered examples of the subsequent:

one) Wager-calling a river with the weaker valuehand
two) Betting river for value, having referred to as by a much better hand in important pot (at times you get value-owned in poker)
three) Bluffing river into medium sturdy – sturdy bluffcatchers
4) Herocalling river and remaining wrong for stacks
5) Forgot this hand in this article: (hand one)

The possibilities of one) – 5) blended taking place for an complete calendar year, will make me think Mike is 99,999% obtaining some facts about his opponents gap cards.

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