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Welcome to iRuleThem – Maintain&#39em Poker simulator

Welcome to iRuleThem – Hold’em Poker simulator:
“iRuleThem is the place Education and learning satisfies Poker!”

This video clip introduces you into the application ‘iRuleThem – Hold’em Poker simulator’. It showcases the simple performance on an Iphone 5 with iOS applying a couple Poker cases. My aim is to hold you up and functioning with the application. Right here you can also locate out, how insanely quickly the simulation technique is. On top of that I discuss about how to use the application, and interpret its final results appropriately.

Furnished info by viewing
– Consumer Interface Dealing with
– Display screen Overview and Navigation
– Configuration of the App
– Hand Rating Business
– Starting Hand Ranges, Hand Groups, Avg. Hand Toughness Calculation
– Diagrams
– Pot Odds Evaluation
– Illustration one: AKs versus the Table’s strongest two arms
– Hand Visualization of Illustration one
– Illustration 2: AKs versus TT+ with declared All-In
– Illustration three: AKs versus KK+ with declared All-In

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“Simulate and Visualize your Poker truth with iRuleThem!”
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