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Overbet “Bluffing” With King-Superior? | Crimson Chip Poker

Chris “Fox” Wallace breaks down this $two/$5 hand wherever he overbets the river with King-superior. See what goes into producing this perform, who he chose to do it against, and how you way too can use this kind of strain in your possess game titles.

What started off as an harmless steal with K7s swiftly turns into a barrel fest. Right after firing a CB against two gamers on T44, Chris will get 1 caller and finishes up unloading the clip on a blank flip and river Ace. Though these performs may well seem to be superior at initially glance, some simple components will guide your determination between overbetting, producing a more “ordinary-sized guess”, and just examining it driving on the river.

Several of the ideas discussed in this movie (from stealing, to MW continuation betting, to overbetting) are lined in-depth inside Main. Get started off with the most total A-Z poker program at any time made for just $5/week – only at Crimson Chip Poker:

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