How to Play Poker

Pink Useless Redemption two – POKER IN ST DENIS

Here’s a link if you want to discover how to engage in poker :

Comeback soon after AI evaluation ^^
In general great get the job done Rockstar. Only the blinds… it usually takes two hours to beat them because the blinds arent raising…
I am not a dev but it appears to be like it must be really difficult to consist of raising blinds in a poker video game with NPC’s.
Unfortunately this is the motive why i will never proceed participating in poker in the tale manner but i will wait for RDR on-line in its place.
Looking ahead!


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I like speedrunning, gambling and participating in without HUD and radar.

So i switch anything off in the settings and appreciate to submerge in the gaming planet with clean up screens because this is providing me the greatest realtime practical experience.
Turning the radar off is an impending way of participating in video games as you can see in Pink Useless Redemption two. Even the devs gave us an selection to immediately switch it off. Besides the greatest reward was the digicam manner that you can enter by holding the touch pad, a bit similar to cinematic look at in GTA V.

So to me the pleasurable climax is serious when i speedrun free of charge goal and without radar with my good friends. We call it “EMO”. (Professional Maps Off)

I am stay-streaming mainly Rockstargames gameplay.



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