Poker Winning Hands

Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 239: Often middle pair is superior for two bets.

Veronica flops top pair and can take Kathy to worth town. Often middle pair is superior for two bets, and from time to time even a few!

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  1. excellent analysis… if I had any friends I would recommend you to them

  2. Adjust the speed to 0.5… Jonny sounds so drunk

  3. Veronica did move chips to the middle after Cathy checked the river. Cathy snap folded before Veronica could finish the bet. Watch closely.

  4. Id like Veronica to straddle me with those sexy ass glasses and pulled back tight hair. Mmmm

  5. Awesome JL. This episode is one of the bests in a long time.
    Your talk of the volatility of runouts, leading flops, reading the table, manage pot size in turns in rivers, effects of the straddle on stack sizes was amazing. Not only for cash games , it's applicable to everything.
    I recommend seeing this episode several times to grasp those concepts
    Great job!

  6. I left a message in another video. But I think it is cool having it here. I would like tips to play online when you arrived in a table and have little information. There lots of books telling what to do when you know the players but not much when you don't know them.

    I am reading one of your books. And probably going to read all of them. Thank you for content.

  7. Half the table lesbian lol

  8. Great tips 🙂


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