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“A Assortment of Suited Connectors” total movie down load and extras at:

As titled, a selection of hand histories with suited connectors. This movie handles strategy on enjoying suited-connectors the two pre-flop and post-flop.

Specific areas coated relating to suited connectors consist of:
•Preflop commencing hand selection – when and when not to perform hands like SCs preflop.
•Playing suited connectors in one lifted and 3bet pots on the flop.
•Playing SCs vs steals.
•Playing aggressively with attracts vs calling. Fold equity is calculated in two hands (Hand one and Hand 2)

Participating in attracts can get mathsy (therefore the fold equity calculator get the job done), due to the fact you frequently get the job done with pot equity + fold equity to see if a wager or increase is worthwhile. The math in this movie isn’t really way too complicated while.

Noteworthy places in each individual hand consist of:

• Hand one – Fold equity calculation with an OESD versus a quick stack.
• Hand 2 – A bad place to check increase all-in. Starts off at 5:twenty.
• Hand three – The benefit of increasing with suited connectors from early positions. Additional fold equity get the job done.
• Hand four – Verify increasing with an OESD on the flop. Superior or poor?
• Hand 5 – Squeezing with a suited connector.
• Hand 6 – Bluffing with a busted straight draw in a odd hand. Action starts at 23:fifty five.
• Hand 7 – How to perform poker when you fully smash the flop.

Released: 16 August 2013 …



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