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Random Poker Hand Critique (INVERSE one) | SplitSuit

“Inverse (Portion one)” total video down load and extras at:

“INVERSE” takes a different tactic to hand historical past assessment by reviewing the hand historical past of an additional player, making an attempt to determine out why they performed the hand the way they did.

SplitSuit is not the Hero in any of the histories in this hand assessment instruction video. As an alternative, they are hands that he has been despatched by other players. In each and every hand assessment the purpose is to try out and determine out the logic and reasoning for every single conclusion the Hero makes.

The Hero won’t often make the optimal engage in in these hand replays, but that is okay simply because the whole concept of INVERSE is to try out and operate out why they imagined their engage in was optimal.

There is no concept or specific concept connecting these hand histories. They are only attention-grabbing hands that allow for for dialogue on a bunch of different strategical ideas and concepts — just like the hands and complications you will be confronted with in any provided session.

Produced: 27 June 2011 …



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