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Cleopatra Keno – I Hit MY Figures – Major Gain Bonus!

Cleopatra Keno by IGT leverages the common Cleopatra brand name!

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For all those not acquainted, Keno is a reasonably fundamental video game wherever you opt for quantities among one and eighty after which 20 quantities are drawn. You get if a specified variety of your quantities match, centered on the variety of quantities you perform. The extra quantities you perform, the extra quantities you have to have to minimally match in order to get, and also the extra you can get if you match ALL of your quantities. In this Keno movie, I played 8 quantities with payouts as follows for an 8 credit history guess:
four Hits pays 24
5 Hits pays eighty
six Hits pays 400
7 Hits pays 1440
8 Hits pays 8000

As this is Cleopatra Keno, there is a reward which is activated by getting equally a profitable round AND getting the scarab symbol land on a single of your quantities. The scarab is in essence just an additional ball that’s the previous to be drawn. If these two occasions happen, the reward is activated for twelve No cost video games wherever payouts are doubled(and regrettably not tripled like they usually are in Cleopatra!) Certainly scoring a Major Gain or Jackpot throughout the reward is wherever it truly is at, if you’re lucky to have your quantities be drawn, Delight in!

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