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C-Betting OOP Poker Quiz & Solutions (one hundred% Cost-free)

The OOP C-Betting Quiz assessments your understanding of continuation betting as the preflop raiser. We’ll split down the complete quiz and format the most effective answers for every poker hand so you can come to feel much more assured pulling the trigger when out of placement.

Begin BY Taking THE QUIZ: Set your CB-ing abilities to the check ahead of watching this online video:

So quite a few gamers consider continuation betting for granted. They are inclined to both constantly CB OR only CB with strong arms. Both tactics can be easily exploited – forcing us to believe deeper about our flop traces when we are the preflop aggressor. This is even much more very important in places that might seem to be mundane.

This quiz assessments your abilities when you open up from the SB preflop, get referred to as by the BB, and are initially to act on the flop. Hand forms consist of flush draws, top pair, and backdoor draws to name a few. Observe how quite a few gamers were massively incorrect, and how typically the the very least well-liked response basically turned out to be the most effective enjoy.

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