Texas Holdem

Learn How to Offer Poker: Commencing to End: Demo Online video

My identify is Jeremy Martin, and Fred123 is my poker character (

I take into consideration myself a skilled no limit texas holdem poker vendor. I have worked in the New York City underground card rooms since 2002. I adore the motion, I adore the way of living.

This online video demonstrates three vital elements of how to offer no limit texas holdem poker like a skilled.

Portion one) The shuffle – demonstrates the skilled (casino blackjack normal) shuffling of cards for poker.

Portion 2) The pitch – demonstrates “the flick” and “the frisbee” method of receiving the cards to the gamers.

Portion three) The flop – demonstrates how to show the cards for the flop.

I created this online video for the reason that of the success with my previous online video (

I’m sorry that I continue to have not presented any audio. I’m a poker person, not a online video person.

I adore all you no limit swimmers, from NYC, this is Jeremy Martin – a skilled no limit poker promoter, and loving it.



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