Texas Holdem

How to Engage in Texas Holdem Poker – The 3rd & 4th Rounds of Betting

This fantastic Poker tutorial covers the 3rd of 4th rounds of betting in the activity of Texas Holdem Poker. This consists of all of the gamers alternatives and how the hand is concluded.

Texas Holdem is the most well known type of Poker throughout the majority of the world. Our third Texas Holdem tutorial will inform you all you will need to know about the third and fourth rounds of betting. This covers the turn, the river and the alternatives that every player has in the third and fourth round of betting.

:00 – The Transform
:24 – The Players Alternatives
:fifty six – The River
1:thirty – Turning Over the Cards
1:40 – The Successful Hand
1:54 – The Next Hand Commences

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