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Breaking Vegas Documentary: The Accurate Story of The MIT Blackjack Staff

Centered on the textbooks by Ben Mezrich that cover the famous MIT Blackjack Teams.

– Bringing Down the Dwelling

“Describes a collection of math whizzes from M.I.T. and their one of a kind rise and slide of their blackjack group. For two decades in the early ’90s, the group reaped thousands and thousands from casinos all-around the planet by using their mathematics and card counting competencies to modify the odds of blackjack in their favor.”

– Busting Vegas

“For nearly 5 decades, he was regarded as the ‘Darling Of Las Vegas’ the largest significant roller to strike Sin Town in decades, a hotshot, 20 one particular year-previous child with a seemingly unrestricted bankroll and an even far more unrestricted lust for big funds motion. His title was Semyon Dukatch, and tales swirled in his wake. Some reported he was a Russian arms supplier, other people a pop star from Jap Europe. But the reality was even far more unlikely: he was a 20-one particular year previous graduate pupil who experienced a program that would one particular working day make him richer than anybody could probably imagine. The Darling of Las Vegas immediately grew to become a legend in the casino planet. He is the only person banned from the island of Aruba. He was held, at gunpoint, in a cave in Monte Carlo and told that if he at any time returned, he’d be murdered. And he made thousands and thousands of pounds actively playing blackjack.”



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