How to Play Poker

poker – RDR 2 On-line – made $a hundred enjoying for 6 hours

about 6 hours of hoping to participate in poker ‘smart’ — as 1 would to not ‘gamble’ for each se, but to make consistent financial gain from it. so, conservative participate in, always staying away from horrible odds, intense folding on danger (e.g. folks wondering it’s bingo and max betting just before the flop), etc. Notice: I virtually never participate in poker lol I just made by analytical very best attempt at hoping to treat it as a supply of in-recreation financial gain. (how to reputable make cash from it.)

first thirty minutes have been gradual… and TBH the very last 1-2 hours I experienced shit shit luck. barely 2-three very good palms, nearly anything higher than a pair, for virtually 2 darn hours lol. I was trapped between $130 and $a hundred and ten for soooo long

and then at the end… it looks like poker has an in-recreation timer =p I guess the recreation car-boots you and forces you to get a crack from gambling soon after 6 hours (possibly an anti-exploit anti-AFK evaluate).

ABOUT: the RP LP (roleplay longplay) of Trevor P. Philips, llowly New Austin hunter, proprietor of T.P. Pelts Trade Co., and long run rancher and industrialist of T.P. INDUSTRIES !

Rules: my RP LPs attempt to roleplay a much more immersive encounter wherever I act in a much more plausible way, staying away from danger or unwarranted criminal offense, dwelling out of my camp, and following a ‘story arc’ of important character developments (e.g. new buys or upgrades, or switching zones).


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