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Poker&#39s Bounty Tournaments, Barreling and Demonstrating Arms | Q&A Podcast #84

I reply three listener Q’s about participating in in bounty tourneys, barreling your opponents off their arms and the perils of displaying your hand unnecessarily.

Concern one from Mike (three:00)

Very good Afternoon Sky!
I am internet hosting a bounty match this weekend. I have by no means basically performed in one particular, but have been thinking about the strategic implications of the bounty in relation to general match “equity” (acquire-in vs payouts) and ICM issues. Do you have any views on KO Bounty Tournaments and how to alter?
Many thanks

Concern two from Ed (eight:00)

Hi Sky,
Any views on how significantly to take a c-wager?
When I open a pot I ordinarily c-wager even if I pass up the flop. If I get known as I will barrel the turn and if known as once again, do I barrel the river? Or shut down by examining and folding if villain bets?

Concern three from Tim (15:45)

Good day Sky,
I have been attempting to play in a good deal of modest stakes each day NLHE tournaments at my nearby casino. Reduced acquire-ins with a lot of the same faces participating in. Final night time I felt like I was participating in perfectly until eventually one particular hand and it received in my head. I retained dwelling on it later on and thinking about my table image and went all-in with a weak hand for 19th outta 50.
Here’s the hand that set me off: I was in late position. Blinds have been seventy five/a hundred and fifty. 4 Limper’s ahead of me. I raised to 450 with QQ. Large blind and one particular other known as. I flopped a set. I wager huge, two,000 because there have been two clubs on the flop. The BB hesitated but known as, the other person folded. The turn was a club. The BB wager 4k.
I began thinking he caught the flush and I did finish up folding. That could possibly have been a oversight but for confident my oversight was displaying my fold. I thought I was displaying off a large fold to preserve deal with and ego or some thing.
The full table began declaring, “How could you fold that with the river nevertheless to appear!?!” Even the seller reported he would have performed that.
It received in my head and it was all downhill from there. I felt ashamed.
What do you imagine?

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