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How to Perform Texas Holdem Poker for Newcomers : How to Deal a Recreation of Texas Keep&#39em

Master poker today! All the policies and standard strategies of Texas Holdem are here in this free online video on how to deal.

Expert: Ernie Crespo
Bio: Ernie Crespo is a specialist poker participant primarily based out of Los Angeles, CA and has above ten decades working experience playing No Limit and Limit Texas Keep ’em.
Filmmaker: Devin Boddie



  1. KEM Cards!

  2. coo

  3. @ghettoshitrecords You aren't actually "burning" the card. There are still 52 after the hand. Common misconception, well, maybe not.

  4. The burn card is a preventative measure against cheating. If there is a slight mark on the cards or anything like that, then the card could be known before it is placed on the table.

  5. i play texas hold em and the burn shit is gay what the fuck is the point of wasting a card like that


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