Poker Winning Hands

Poker Stats Spelled out: Aggression (AG%) and Received When Saw Flop (WWSF%)

Cost-free Commencing Hand Chart:

Poker system guideline:

Another clip from a reside coaching session, here Mike describes how to have an understanding of and apply the poker stats: AG% (HEM aggression share) and WWSF% (gained revenue when observed flop share). He give a vital for each individual poker stat so you know what the values signify. For illustration, a player with a AG% in excess of forty five is Really aggressive. We then discover how to apply this understanding at the poker desk to figure out what poker hands our opponents are keeping and what is the greatest poker system we can use against them!

Also in this clip, a viewer asks Mike what is the most he has ever one particular. The answer: $sixty six,000!!! And Mike tells the tale of how this transpired, which include ultimately receiving to be THAT Dude who buys the entire bar a round of drinks!

And continue to sporting the fresh PSYCHADELIC DRAGON hair-do, Mike provides a total spin so you can see his ridiculous coloured hair in total detail.

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