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Why is anyone nonetheless playing on Pokerstars?

Why is anyone nonetheless playing on Pokerstars? The web site has large rake with its very low rake-back again and has deceived gamers for thousands and thousands of $, asserting alterations in December, letting people consider they would get certain benefits the next calendar year.

In this video I am listing 3 factors why people are nonetheless playing on pokerstars:

one It is way far too snug not to engage in on pokerstars. The software package is by far the most effective and most snug to engage in on the internet poker in 2019. They have the greatest assures in poker tournaments and a good way to offer with bots and dishonest.

two People are nonetheless profitable on pokerstars. Extremely several nonetheless gain $100’000 for every calendar year or a lot more, but as long as there are some people profitable that variety of cash on a dependable basis, pokerstars will have a lot of gamers on their web site.

3 There is not competitor. At minimum no person you could just take severely. Most other web pages have main leaks that I will talk about in upcoming videos. Make guaranteed to hit subscribe + the notification bell to get these updates if you want to know a lot more about other pokersites.

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