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Participating in Ace Queen In Poker | SplitSuit

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How to play Ace Queen (AQ) in NL Hold’em. Six hand histories are analyzed and mentioned.

AQ is not a hand which is created to gain large pots routinely. It is commonly a TPTK/TPGK affair at ideal, so even while it truly is a magnificent hand you have to tread thoroughly. Thus, a ton of the strategy in this online video revolves around maximizing winnings and minimizing losses when enjoying ace-queen.

So essentially, you’re likely to want to study how to get value from top-pair although at the same time steering clear of shedding funds with top-pair. It is a challenging artwork, but SplitSuit guides you by way of.

There are also a couple of squeezing places thrown in for great evaluate (Hand 3 and Hand five).

Other noteworthy places in this online video consist of:

• Hand 1 – Examining driving with excursions on the flip in an try to be misleading and extract value on the river as an alternative. Good range analysis on the flip.
• Hand two – Lacking value with TPGK due to not betting a few streets against a fishy 50 percent-stack participant.
• Hand 3 – Must you guess or check with AQ on an AJT flop immediately after squeezing preflop? Experiencing an uncomfortable overbet shove on the flip with top pair.
• Hand four – Calling numerous streets with TPGK against an intense participant who 3bet preflop.
• Hand five – Employing PokerStove to operate out no matter whether or not it truly is +EV to simply call a 35bb all-in shove when receiving odds of two.3 to 1 (needing thirty% equity to break even).
• Hand six – Obtaining lifted with TPTK on the flop. Discussion on folding TPTK on the flop against a Nit (see Participant Kinds).

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