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Participating in Ace Jack Preflop & Postflop | SplitSuit

“Ace-Jack Commencing Hand (INVERSE three)” whole movie down load and extras at:

INVERSE component three is the initially movie in this series that appears at $50NL hand histories from SplitSuit’s personal database (as opposed to pupil or user-submitted HHs like the past two). Split is extremely aim about the way he played these fingers however, so there is no sugar-coating listed here.

INVERSE pt. three also dedicated to one particular starting hand in distinct Ace-Jack, the two suited and unsuited. Why AJ? Due to the fact it really is a tricky hand and it can trigger a bunch of difficulties.

Truthfully, this INVERSE vid could very easily be re-titled to “how to play AJ in Texas Hold’em”. This strategy movie includes 8 hand record opinions of SplitSuit enjoying AJ in many preflop and postflop circumstances. The unique scenarios consist of:

• Participating in AJ out of placement.
• Isolating with AJ.
• Squeezing with AJ.
• Continuation betting the flop as a bluff with AJ.
• Participating in AJ in a multi-way pot.
• Participating in Ace Jack from the blinds.

It is really not an exhaustive list of each and every solitary feasible way to play Ace-Jack in Texas Hold’em, but it really is as shut to a full strategy movie guideline that you happen to be going to get.

Released: eleven August 2011 …



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