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This highlight features a free poker coaching session I did with Tom. He was the lucky winner of last month’s poker challenge contest that we hold on Facebook. You can find details about how to partipate and win free coaching here:

This clip was taken from the beginning of the twitch session where I give him some poker tips on how to improve his preflop strategy. He is playing 50NL on New Jersey’s WSOP poker site. These games are VERY soft, and while Tom has the right idea to use a straight-forward strategy where he doesn’t get out of line, as you’ll see, he takes this a bit too far. He’s actually playing like an uber-nit!

There is a difference between “not getting out of line” and playing like a rock. The simple fact is that he can increase his win rate by playing more hands. This is especially true on the button, but even UTG he is folding hands as strong as KQ and AJ even though he often has 2 or 3 fish at the table.

From another perspective, if you can play a normal TAG strategy when you’re at a table with fish and rocks, you will win more of the fish money than the rocks will!

In the video, Mike demonstrates how you can pull up the hand chart feature from within Hold’em Manager to analyze the hands someone is choosing to open raise from each position. We see that Tom is opening the right hands, but just not with the right frequency. Especially in later position, he should be opening these hands more often to get his steal percentage much higher.

Tom admits that players are not 3-betting very often in this game, which is another reason why we can safely open wider: when we don’t fear the 3-bet. For early position, Mike suggests adding hands like the lower suited Aces. Tom is opening them some of the time, but not often enough.

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