How to Play Poker

How to play 5-Card Draw Poker

One important thing I don’t really explain in this video: Never open limp! There are very few players who play profitable by open limping and they usually limp strong hands (AA+)

In the video, I wasnt really able to present the very basics in a consecutive sentence so:

Before draw:

JJ or better is a open-raise
AA or better is a calling hand

Post draw:

KKxx is a (loose) value bet or loose call. Check/Fold anything lower, unless you got a good reason/read to call.

Ofc you should vary these instructions to find your comfort zone.

My Favourite Poker Hand :
25c/50c PL 5 Card draw

Villain raises to 1.50$ on Button
Hero in SB (holding 666) reraises to 4.00$
Villain calls.
Villain stands pat, Hero draws 2 and does not improve 666
Hero bets 4.50$
Villain raises to 28.00$ (pot)
Hero calls, Villain shows QQKK

my (very old) note on Villain: Stands pat 2pair to check behind reraised pots.

Also I saw him 4-bet straights predraw


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