How to Play Poker

Playing 5 Card Draw Poker with Friends

This is hilarious…. Please excuse the farting haha Down at Greg’s playin our version of 5 card draw, i say our version because at the time i didn’t know you were supposed to bet before you trade in the cards… now we play it like that, also note this video was shot on December 15, 2010 ( From left to right: Greg, Michael, and Me (Frank). i was little late uploading it because i knew it would take a while. And i can now shuffle cards, at the time i didn’t know how lol were not playin for money, just bettin chips. And please excuse me farting and when we trade chips i kept forgetting what each one was worth, whites 1, reds 5, blues 10, and green 15. even though we weren’t playin for money. We also play texas hold em, 7 card stud, and little blackjack.


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