Texas Holdem

Basic Poker Strategy I – Math Terms (iRuleThem)

This film is to make you acquainted with the basic poker terms mathematically. It will educate you some fundamentals of Texas Hold’em game theory. I attempt to preserve things simple. The thought right here is to display how to select rewarding games. For success in poker it’s really important to have some background. Then you are ready to analyze some dealt hands and the texture of the board in better depth. This will be yet another movie project.

c: This movie provides you…

1. Content: An understanding of critical mathematical poker terms:
– Design of play: Playing Styles and commencing hand ranges
– Overall Player involved setting (Heads Up/Multiway)
– A tables best dealt hands average strength
– Equity / Poker Probability / Odds / Odds against / Anticipated Value
– Break even share
– Pot Odds
– Expected Value
– Occurrence probability of already made 5-card poker hands
2. Environment: iOS 5.0 iPhone Simulator / Macbook Pro
3. App: iRuleThem – iRuleThem – Hold’em Poker simulator v2.9
Author: rikee (rikeebytes)

i. Welcome to iRuleThem!

iRuleThem for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is an unique environment for Hold’em Poker. It’s usable for any table size. A simulation determines a hand’s strength (equity, odds, %, probability) against a distinct amount of opponents with known/unknown hole cards or starting hand ranges (for up to 6 opponents). Everything is evidence-based with an empirical approach. This means the app relies on random experiments instead of only static calculations. It was designed with the intention to uncover everything important behind playing Poker professionally.

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