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Bankroll Management, Excel Calculator, Poker Math Made Easy: EPK 001

Bankroll Management, Excel Calculator, Poker Math Made Easy EPK 001
Get the calculator used in this poker-strategy video here.

This video is part of the Essential Poker Knowledge (EPK) video series, your fast track to become a poker shark in the shortest amount of time! It provides you with the information and means you’ll need to think like a poker pro, understand the game (especially Texas Holdem) on a much deeper level and beat up to 90% of all the competition you’ll face in brick-and-mortar and online casinos as well as dominate the great majority of your home games. Numerous real-time poker-coaching videos and commentaries for online cash games and tournaments are also available at our website and YouTube channel above. Enjoy!

www.winnerinaweek.com/poker-strategy-shop Click this link to get all the poker tools utilized throughout these videos for poker cash games and tournaments.

In this video series I explain the following concepts and provide a lot of additional easy-to-use poker strategies and tactics as well as numerous example hands for improving your game:
— Poker Math: Essentials Made Easy
– Bankroll management: money management advice from poker pros
– The difference between a “gambler” and a “player”
– Variance in poker: so-called “suck outs” or “bad beats”
– Equity and expected value
– Position, pot odds and break-even equity (EQ)
– Key poker statistics — all you need to know and track
– Optimal stats and starting hands charts (Texas Holdem full-ring, 6-max & heads-up games)
– Numerous calculators and key stats for optimizing your cash-game and poker tournament skills

— Player Profiling and Poker Psychology: Understanding the Numbers
– Game theory overview
– How to spot tight-aggressive players (TAGs), loose-aggressive players (LAG), maniacs, “donks” and many other styles of play
– How to convert stats to ranges of hands
– Image and deception at the poker tables

— Bet Types, Pot Manipulation, Moves and Lines of Play
– Pre-Flop bet-sizing (no-limit & pot-limit), pot odds and equity
– Post-flop “lines” and pot-manipulation strategies
– No-limit Texas Holdem: numerous full-ring and 6-max example-hands

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