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Poker Round: a turn-based local-multiplayer free poker game

Poker Round is a turn-based single-device local-multiplayer texas hold ’em poker game.

Download from Google Play:

Using this app, up to 10 players can play texas hold ’em poker on a single android device in real-time!

How it works?
First, you start a new game by defining the small-blind, player names and buy-in amounts and then the app will take it from there. You can also define a banker code and the person who knows this code, can change mid-game settings like adding more chips to a player.
While playing, when it’s your turn, just unlock your private section where you can see your private cards, do whatever you want to do (check, fold, call, bet or raise), lock your private section and then pass the device to the next player on the list so the next player can do the same until the hand is over. That’s the whole idea!

– Totally free with no ads.
– No internet, wifi or bluetooth needed! Just a single android device and you’re golden.
– No need for tables, chips or cards anymore! From now on, you and your friends can play poker practically everywhere in any situation.
– 2 to 10 players.
– No rake, no fees, no nothing! Your game, your rules!
– Anti-cheat mechanism.
– Ability to define a banker to manage the mid-game settings.
– Beautiful guidance voices, so every player will know what is going on in the game.
– Hand evaluator.


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