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10,000 Free Poker Chips and Why Play Money Poker is such Amazing Fun

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Last Weekend (i.e. just before I uploaded this video) I fancied playing Poker again after about 11 years away from the game.

Back then I was ambitious about making it a side income, but although I could win at the lower levels, I never really enjoyed the uncertainty.

I really only enjoy tournament Poker. Especially those large multi-table events where as you progress through the hands, you keep a half eye open as to how many are left.

It’s a great feeling when you make it into the money, and even better when you progress to the Final Table.

Now with Replay Poker, it’s like the very first days of online poker. I’m talking pre-internet (and early internet here), where they didn’t play for money – they played for pride.

Of course you are going to get a proportion of silly players on there, but the good news is that the standard rises in the later stages of even the Freeroll tournaments.

I’ve only just joined so I reserve judgement on the Cash tables, sit and gos and non free roll tournaments, but from what I see so far I like it!

So join me with 10,000 free chips with this link and we will be friends on Replay Poker and you’ll be eligible to enter the HistoryGamer Poker Tournaments.



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