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$1.1 Million Poker Hand – Cash Game !! Largest Pot In History !! Tom Durrrr Dwan vs Phil Ivey

When Tom Durrr Dwan and Phil Ivey were all in, the pot contained $1.1 million dollars. It was the biggest pot ever in the history of televised poker. The record pot materialized after around 20 hours of play during the filming of Full Tilt Pokers Million Dollar Cash Game in London. When play began, the game was was full-ring no-limit holdem with a bunch of well-known pros such as Chris Ferguson, Mike Matusow, Allen Cunningham and Gus Hansen. After 20 hours of play, only three players were still playing: Durrrr, Ivey and Antonius. Thats when the big pot occurred. Durrr, Ivey and Antonius playing three-handed $1000/2000 no-limit holdem cash game on TV, how could anything in any form of media ever compare to that again? Durr and Ivey both flopped straight draws on a Q53 flop, and when the 4 on the turn filled their respective straights the money went in. A total of $1.1M. While Ivey had been drawing to the sucker straight with his A2, Durr with 76 had the nuts and pocketed a neat little win. Just another day at work for two legendary poker players, a classic moment in the history of television for the rest of us.



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