How to Win Poker Tournaments

How to WIN BIG Poker TOURNAMENTS (5 Key Ingredients) | Sunday Million, WSOP Main Event, PSPC, WPT…

In this video you’ll learn how to win big poker tournaments like the sunday million, wsop main event, pokerstars players championship, wpt and more. Alex and Mike share the 5 Key Ingredients that will get you the big poker scores you really want when you make a deep run in. 👇👇👇

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Full list of topics discussed in this poker training video include
-The fastest way to get ahead of the competition… be ready to stand out from the crowd
-Incredibly good MTTers SWEAT EVERY DECISION, and find all the little details that matter
-Why great players are paranoid about the stack sizes behind them, it’s everything
-You can’t be lazy on this if you want to do well in poker, all details matter, especially stack sizes
-Why you can go super hard in position with playable hands, but should be super selective OOP
-Why you need to be able to change gears, AGG AGG AGG vs super solid… gotta mix it up
-Why you Need to have the discipline to recognize when you can win a pot w/o cards and when you can’t, need to lay off
-The difference between ‘tournament crazy’ and ‘cash game crazy’
-Why many tournament players are super aggro, need to have all the chips, feel powerful, the bully
-How to turn thin value hands into bluffs… what tourney players can learn from cash players
-How to Find more Value Bets
-Why you should not trust anyone, and what you can do with the info you’re offered
-How to both build a lead AND USE THAT LEAD to keep it wire to wire
-The power of leverage… REAL LEVERAGE (inflection points)
-How to THRASH 30-50 BB Stacks

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